Precisely designed with you in mind

X-Alt: The exclusive & original adjustable Burton Putter

The only way to get an X-Alt putter is to be personally fitted by Stuart Burley. This is the showcase model which embodies the Burton philosophy and highlights the expertise in manufacturing.

The Burton Q3 philosophy is consistent in all product development.


Q1 - Quality of design - Our unique style is as minimalistic as possible with focus on more efficient ways to improve performance. As a result of this we maximise performance 

Q2 - Quality of materials - There are no compromises when it comes to materials. Our preferred material for the clubhead is EN1A leaded low carbon steel. This material gives excellent soft feel and responsiveness

Q3 - Quality of manufacturing - Our partnership with Sumac Precision Engineering  ensures the highest standard of engineering available. Each putter is 100% precision milled in the UK by a highly skilled technician.

The Burton Putters development story


I first came up with the idea of an adjustable putter in 2008. This was after years of working as a putting coach and constantly having clients whose putters were set up incorrectly or were totally inappropriate. I consulted my best friend David Poulton (the BUR is from my name, the TON is from his) who was at that time the #1 club fitter in Spain and became convinced that this was a necessary progression in the development of putter technology. For the first few years I spent a lot of time in my home studio developing ideas and eventually manufacturing putters myself with my own milling machine. 

At the end of 2013 I had a stand at the London golf show which was very successful. At the show I came into contact with the Director of Sumac Precision Engineering. They took the concept to the highest level and since 2014 we have applied Formula 1 engineering to our products.