Stuart Burley - Putt Specialist

Stuart Burley is first and foremost a PGA Professional. He has a unique position in the golf world as a specialist putting coach combined with being a putter designer. This combination has led to major discoveries in how putters are set up for performance and also why golfers struggle to find answers when things go wrong.


Every golfer can improve their score quickly and noticeably by focusing on putting performance. Stuart has spent years helping all levels of golfer, competition teams to tour players with simple and practical methods to help improve performance. Based at De Efteling Golfpark in Tilburg, Stuart has the use of superb facilities including multiple outside greens and a state of the art studio. Together with the other members of the team at De Efteling, Stuart gives workshops, clinics and masterclasses. Golfers can choose from learning how to improve green reading skills, aiming, speed control, pressure training, instinctive awareness or a personal technical evaluation.

If you are interested in what Stuart can do for you then do not hesitate. Email Stuart directly and he will get back to you at your convenience to help you with whatever queries you have. You can also call him on +31680044038

About Stuart Burley

Stuart moved to The Netherlands in 2002 after working in Ascot, London and before that as Assistant Professional at Handsworth GC & Sutton Coldfield GC in Birmingham, England. 

Stuart speaks fluent Dutch and now holds Dutch nationality. He lives in Utrecht with his wife and 2 children. Stuart and his family spend holiday regularly in Benahavis, Spain where they have a modest holiday apartment. Stuart has also travelled extensively and played golf on different continents including Australia, America and Asia.

At the age of 11 Stuart got his first half set of clubs and spent most of his spare time as a youth at public courses in Birmingham. By the age of 16 he could play to a high standard and at the age of 19 decided he wanted to pursue a career in golf. His father worked as a multi talented engineer his whole life and Stuart spent most of his young life fascinated by his fathers talents. Later Stuart would be trained in club repairs by a legend in the British PGA, Jerry Hayes whilst working as his assistant. 

This all became crucial to Stuarts development as one of the leading putter designers in the business and the inventor of the adjustable hosel for putters.