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Stuart Burley - How I started Burton Putters

I moved to The Netherlands in 2002 as a teaching Professional. The idea for an adjustable putter was born out of frustration as a putting coach. I had too many clients who turned up for lessons with poorly fitted or unsuitable putters. The lack of attention from suppliers was also frustrating. As it turned out, I was the first person in the world to develop an adjustable putter. After a number of years developing different versions and making the putters myself, I teamed up with Sumac Precision Engineering in the UK. Their expertise in fields such as F1 and space/aeronautical engineering made it possible to develop the worlds first fully adjustable hosel. 

It is unique to be a Putter designer and a coach. I find it incredibly important to have knowledge at the highest level of playing and coaching when designing and fitting putters. I understand the action/reaction of technique. I have expanded my knowledge in all areas of putting to a degree which has led to incredible discoveries. I want to share these with all golfers of all levels. I believe that with a little bit more attention, the average golfer can reduce their scores by 4 shots a round.

Fact - You are 5 times more likely to miss a putt due to poor clubface control than by missing the sweetspot.

Follow up fact - If you have not been fitted for your putter then there is a 90% chance the clubface is not aiming where you think it is


X-Alt: putters

The X-Alt models are our top of the range putters featuring our own specially designed adjustable hosel. 


The new way to train

Performance training offers a complete solution to putting performance. At the Burton Putters Performance Training Center in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Stuart Burley operates an open door policy for all golfers at all levels. Here you will find the largest tiltable putting green in Europe where Tour players come to train, recreational and competition golfers come for advice and the full Burton Putters range of products. Incorporated into the Homecourse Indoor Golf Center and with a central location in Holland, this makes the ideal location for golfers to drop by and discover the possibilities open to them. 

Stuart has developed a program called Read, Aim, Putt. Thanks to the tiltable green, golfers can train on different varioations of incline and adapt themselves to the situations which are more relevant to performance on the course. There are specific principles which are applied to this particular way of training.

 - It makes no sense to dive straight into a technical analysis of your stroke until you have learned how to read the putt and aim your putter accordingly.

 - Training your putting doesn't have to be boring or an afterthought. Stuart can show you how to how to train in a way which engages you and sharpens your focus.

 - Measure your performance. Stuart offers screenings to all golfers FREE OF CHARGE!! Part of the screening is a series of tests which will measure your skill level and help you to calibrate your stroke.

 - When you are in need of technical analysis, the gathering of information has to be accurate and appropriate. We have a partnership with CAPTO analysis systems. This is a high precision system which is non intrusive and operates in real situations instead of controlled environments. There is no point in performing well in a laboratory and then falling back into your old ways as soon as you get onto the course.

direct contact!

Stuart Burley prefers personally to deal with as many enquiries as possible. Contact directly here and he will get back to you asap